Kenwood High Schools Mentor Program hold school supply drive.

On Tuesday April 2nd, 2019 our organization got word from Diamond Suggs-Benjamin that her Mentor program, Boys 2 Men and Girls 2 Women, have decided to hold a supply drive for Backpacks for Africa during the remaining of the school year, as well as the beginning of the new school year in September! The Mentor program was created and ran by Mrs, Suggs- Benjamin, a Kenwood High School African-American studies teacher. The program was created to motivate, encourage and empower the boys and girls of today, so that they will be successful tomorrow. We are so grateful for the efforts of such young people who have been educated on the world around them. They are being exposed to the reality of poverty that is going on, where kids their own age struggle to have a decent education. Our organization looks forward to seeing all they have collected by the end of September!

Featured in the photo below you’ll see students who are part of the mentor program and the African-American studies class, and they have already collected a full box of supplies in just a few days!  If you live in or by Clarksville, Tennessee and would like to contribute to the mentor programs supply campaign please contact Mrs Suggs-Benjamin at

African-American Studies Class (featuring a few members of Boys to Men and Girls to Women)
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