Our Mission:

No matter what country you live in, education has always been something that was a key importance of our existence. With knowledge comes power, and that's why poverty eradication begins with education.  On the continent of Africa, less than 50% of primary school-aged children are enrolled in school.

Of those schools, the majority of them do not have the proper facilities or materials to provide their students with a proper education.  Our mission started by supplying school children in various African countries with basic school supplies.  Most students can’t invest the necessary effort in their education because they do not even have the essential supplies to write, or do their homework with.   There are many factors that play into improving an overall school, but providing these tools  our efforts to create more successful learning environments.

As our organization has expanded we are now able to start rebuilding and renovating classrooms so that students will be able to have an efficient space for learning.  Our hopes are that in the future, we will be able to rebuild many schools across Africa and provide training for teachers in all of these institutions.  Students living in impoverished African nations benefit from a better education and the opportunity that higher education affords, such as becoming successful and bringing back even better opportunities for their families and communities.